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Andrei Fărcășanu - Timeless Interventions

Exhibition from February 2021 to April 2021

"Timeless Interventions” offers a glimpse into the concept of time in general and in particular explores the idea that we experience "Time" as a series of continuous presents. The initial premise is that time has no past nor future but is only a linear sum of ¨presents¨, giving us a momentary perceptual experience over and over again. Many philosophers agree that our perception is restricted to what is present, which brings us to the conclusion that we can perceive or experience only what is contained in a momentary present. 


Augustine of Hippo, in the 5th century, was the first to describe time in this way, and since then many other authors, both western (Emanuel Kant, Albert Einstein or Carl Jung) tried to understand what time is and how we experience it, also describing it as a notion of ¨ continuous present ¨. 


“Timeless Interventions “ challenges the principal concept of photography itself, as it is known that we perceive photography as a way of freezing the present into still frames that will become memories, witnesses of what has already happened. Instead, with this series I propose photographs that are both still and fluid at the same time. I represent time as a sort of “on-going still photography “ a conceptual intermediary between the abstract and concrete where a photograph has no ‘real time’ or ‘abstract time’ but has its own time, a dreamy time with its own pace. From this point of view “Timeless Interventions” also investigates the concept of memory. 


Andrei Farcasanu


This work was selected as a winning series for OpenWalls Arles 2020, a collaboration between the British Journal of Photography, 1854 Media and Galerie Huit Arles.

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About the Artist

Andrei Fărcășanu is a Romanian photographer, living and working in Barcelona, Spain. He works with black and white analog photography, creating small format, hand made prints. Focusing on intimate pictorial photography he explores the subtle details of everyday life. Fărcășanu’s minimalist style and tiny scale transforms his images into unique and singular objects ; to comprehend the meaning the viewer is obliged to approach closely, the rythym of modern-day life is slowed down. A graduate of the National University of Arts, Bucharest & the Academy of Fine Arts Andrei Fărcășanu holds a Master degree in Photography and Live arts and has written a PhD thesis on Social Photography. His work is collected by institutions and private collectors across the world.

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