Andrei Fărcășanu - Timeless Interventions

Exhibition from February 2021 to April 2021

Timeless Interventions, Fărcășanu liminal series of lith printed analogue photographs, create a state of interrupted consciousness, a whispered memory of the future. Contextually imperishable yet material in form, his images appear to rise up from the depths of the ethereal. With prints small enough to be held in the intimate space of a hand, the story unfolds in a quiet universe, where the tiny scale conjures up a vast and precious manifestation of the sublime.
The constructed iconography depicts complex and archetypal elements of our natural world, an immutable testament to the underlying sensibilities infused within it. Just as poetry requires thoughtful perusal, so too, this series is a siren’s call for intimate contemplation and reflection. The images are the weather pattern of our emotions, evaporating and then returning to us, like rainfall in an eternal cycle of resources. A boat floats in an invisible lake of whiteness, perceived only because the empty space is given reality by our own imaginative participation. F
ărcășanu activates this with a minimum of elements, delicately defining possibilities, while allowing an open entry into the private world of his creative mind. These tiny compositions have a grandiosity of scale, both literally and figuratively, expressing feelings we have yet to give names to; they are private meditations on our existence and bring an intimate human quality within the realm of public space.
- Text Courtesy of Anne Murray

This work was selected as a winning series for OpenWalls Arles 2020, a collaboration between the British Journal of Photography, 1854 Media and Galerie Huit Arles.

About the Artist

Andrei Fărcășanu is a Romanian photographer, living and working in Barcelona, Spain. He works with black and white analog photography, creating small format, hand made prints. Focusing on intimate pictorial photography he explores the subtle details of everyday life. Fărcășanu’s minimalist style and tiny scale transforms his images into unique and singular objects ; to comprehend the meaning the viewer is obliged to approach closely, the rythym of modern-day life is slowed down. A graduate of the National University of Arts, Bucharest & the Academy of Fine Arts Andrei Fărcășanu holds a Master degree in Photography and Live arts and has written a PhD thesis on Social Photography. His work is collected by institutions and private collectors across the world.

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