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Ericka Weidmann / December 2023

Pour finir l’année en beauté, nous recevons dans notre célèbre rubrique « L’Invité·e », Julia de Bierre, fondatrice et directrice de la très singulière galerie Huit à Arles. 

Particulièrement sensibilisée à l’impact écologique de nos activités sur le monde, Julia est adhérente du Gallery Climate Coalition et œuvre au quotidien pour réduire l’empreinte carbone de chacune de ses expositions, en réduisant les transports et les emballages mais aussi en recyclant les encadrements. Un exemple à suivre, définitivement !



• Carte blanche à Julia De Bierre : Un héros méconnu (mardi 12 décembre 2023)
• Carte blanche à Julia De Bierre : Harry Ossip Meerson (1910 – 1991). Naissance d’une collection de portraits (mercredi 13 décembre 2023)
• Carte blanche à Julia De Bierre : Les Zoomers #1. Une aventure collective qui continue en 2024 ! (jeudi 14 décembre 2023)
• Carte blanche à Julia De Bierre : Maryna Semenkova – Les 4 derniers jours de février : Le journal (vendredi 15 décembre 2023)

Cote Sud

Virginie Bertrand / march 2023

"Voyages En Art"

The universe of Julia de Bierre - a British national born in Malaysia - is intriguing and diverse ….an open invitation for artistic journeys. 

Writer, heritage activist and gallerist, she celebrates the union of cultural patrimony and contemporary art in her 18th century mansion. 


Isabelle Appy / febuary 2022

"The hillside of the districts in the eye of the Zoomers, Barriol, Griffeuille, Trébon expose in the city center. The sympbolic is strong and beautiful. The Zoomers exhibition presented at the Galerie Huit Arles, just as much."



L’Oeil de la Photographie: Arles 
Thierry Maindrault / August + December 2020

"OpenWalls Arles 2020 was already launched when the global pandemic hit. This didn’t discourage Julia de Bierre one bit - against all odds she decided to exhibit the winning images come what may. The stream of visitors that viewed the exhibition all summer was a beautiful tribute to Julia’s tenacity and passion for photography."




Clementine Mercier / July 2020

"Arles doesn’t forget its fundamentals. Nor its foundations. In her wonderful Galerie Huit mansion Julia de Bierre opens up the vaulted cellar to exhibit Osceola Refetoff’s edgy images of abandoned houses, in partnership with the British Journal of Photography."




Olivier Martocq / July 2020

"Private spaces play an important role ( … ) especially the galleries, which attract art connoisseurs. Happy Surprise: one of the most exceptional is Galerie Huit, situated between the Roman Arena and City Hall."


The Guardian
July 2020

"Daily Life is deeply magical:  here are images from OpenWalls Arles 2020 …the prestigious photography award…on show at Galerie Huit Arles."




Alicia Dorey / August 2019

"Without a doubt one of the most beautiful – and most secret –of palatial town houses, a late 17th century architectural gem.  On the ground floor (...) you will find a gallery space where the charismatic writer and curator Julia de Bierre has been welcoming the emerging stars of contemporary art since 2007."



Marie Mazeau / June 2019

"Julia de Bierre “combines a sense of adventure, an unusual space, cross-cultural inspirations and a real interest in the stories that artists share with her.”



Our Best Addresses, Summer 2018

"A residency programme that welcomes artists, writers, poets as well as exhibitions featuring both international and Arlesien artists. Writer and curator Julia de Bierre has let art infiltrate every corner of her mansion."



Maja Hoffmann with Gisele Williams / September 2018  

"Worth visiting is Galerie Huit ( … ) the owner, Julia de Bierre, is a creative pioneer here and adds an interesting international focus to Arles."


Julia de Bierre with Nick Foster / January 2016.

"In terms of art and culture, there are some amazing things happening in Arles and for many incomers the principal reason for living here is to be part of the artistic community."

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