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Angelo Marino - The Children of Gods

Exhibition from July 1st to September 22, 2019

"The Greeks saw the sea green, the Romans the sky yellow; The color blue played a role so minimal that there was no designed word in the Greek and Latin languages. This color for the Romans was associated with the barbarians; to have blue eyes was devaluing and no one wore clothes of this color before the IV century. It is in the Middle Ages when the unique god of Christians becomes a god of light that the color of the sky is gradually adopted to bear witness to this new reality. Ram and Krishna, the incarnations of Vishnu whose goal was to conquer evil and protect humanity, are represented with a blue complexion.


According to some authors, the "ancient" Sumerian gods supposed to have created humanity would have had blue blood. These same sources specify that the alleged crossings between gods and mortal women would have been at the origin of royal lineages that reigned before the deluge. The Sumerian writings declare that the first human kings on earth were the offspring of divine « Guardians » who met with human women. Interestingly, these ancient Guardians have been described as having either a blue skin or a blue blood."

Excerpt from the book The Gods of Eden by William Bramley


© Angelo Marino, courtesy Galerie Huit Arles

About the Artist

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Angelo Marino obtained a scholarship at the Technical Superior Audiovisual Institute in Paris,1988. He started to work as photo assistant at “Elle” studios and in freelance with different photographers before collaborating with Gamma and Keystone, Japan. His works had been exhibited in Tokyo, Cannes, Monaco, Montreal.


In 1997, he became the assistant and archivist of Helmut Newton, also working with Newton’s widow (aka Alice Springs) since 2004.He has exhibited at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin alongside Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin in 2017, and at the gallery Carla Sozzani in Milan in 2018.

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