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Adrien Neveu - Silence et Profusion

Festival du Dessin 22 Avril 2023


"Noon: n. Middle of the day, designates the passage between morning (11:59:59) and afternoon (14:00:00) in the course of a day.


 Through 2 hours of urban itineraries, respecting the chronology of the shots and time zones Laurent Ardhuin invites us to discover landscapes, portraits,  which are like so many stories whose narrative can be imagined.

(duration 8mn - photographs Laurent Ardhuin / text and interpretation Sylvain Dufour)

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New York City 2013 © Laurent Ardhuin (1)_edited.jpg

© Laurent Ardhuin

© Maria Lax, Awake

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About the Artist

The photographic approach of Laurent Ardhuin tends towards a visual research in which to melt, with with precision, to try to seize atmosphere and ambiance by adding aestheticism and poetry, and to be and poetry, and to be inspired as much by the imaginary as by details. To suggest, invent, and offer a singular point of view of spaces and worlds.

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