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François Delebecque - La Torera

Exhibition from July 1st to September 26, 2020

“She emerges from the atelier: passionate, magnificent, vengeful... dressed just in a matador’s jacket which leaves her naked and exposed. The glory of this woman’s combative nature : by using the ‘muleta’ as a weapon of defence, her face hidden behind an appropriate fan, she becomes even more desirable despite her fighter’s stance. The gender roles are inverted, man, in comparison to woman, becomes an insignificant showoff.

This series of photographs is an interrogation of the world of bullfighting, of woman’s strength in the face of man’s ineptness, of her struggles that go beyond the seduction and splendour of nudity, while her hidden face speaks of the universality of the combative woman.”


 François Delebecque


Jan - Mar 2021 


© François Delebecque courtesy Galerie Huit Arles

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 7.38.23 PM.png

About the Artist

François Delebecque is a photographer and visual artist since 1981. He has received numerous prizes and grants including residency at the Villa Medici. He has exhibited at the Agathe Gaillard Gallery, SIT DOWN Galery, Foundation Cartier, Carnavalet Museum, among others. He lives and works near Paris

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