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Francesco Pergolesi – Madame Huit 

Exhibition from 17 th September, 2021 to January 2022  

Suddenly, the dark light in the room became bright. Like a print from a negative, the image before him now turned into a positive snapshot. White that could no longer be were no longer visible. Deciphering the objects in this sudden change became difficult - and his thoughts too. Although white, it became darker. A tremor ran through her body. Was this a dream or was it really happening? really happening?

He got up, turned on the light and drank the glass of water. on the bedside table. The end of the night enveloped her like the blue leaf. As she uncovered herself, she became aware of a stirring. As if someone was in the room, a presence more felt than seen. Now the room that had seemed familiar to her upon her arrival became a foreign place. 


© Francesco Pergolesi

Francesco Pergolesi.png

About the Artist

Francesco Pergolesi was born in Venice in 1975 and lives between Rome and Barcelona. Artist and photographer, his work explores the territory of portraiture, where people and places are represented as characters in a theatre, rich with illusions and improbable relationships. 

In 2014 Francesco Pergolesi was Artist-in-Residence at Galerie Huit Arles. 

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