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Jean-Christophe Ballot - 108 Bouddha

Exhibition from July 1st to September 22, 2019

During the winter of 2017/2018 Jean-Christophe Ballot traveled through Burma. Sensitive to the song of the world, collecting these vibrations and open to all forms of spirituality, he quickly focuses his gaze on the representations of Buddha and on places of worship. The artist who claims a spiritual approach is fulfilled. The architect D.P.L.G. which works as well on metropolises across the globe as on places of memory, finds here sites, atmospheres out of our contemporary time.


The esthete who rubbed shoulders with the sculptures of the Louvre for more than a decade; the sculptures of Auguste Rodin in the museum and in his studio in Meudon; the praying and recumbent figures of the royal necropolis of the basilica of Saint Denis; and most recently the monumental sculptures that the Petit Palais has just redeployed in the north gallery ... can observe, detail, scrutinize, explore, question Buddha and his disciples to bring them to life through the magic of his gaze. Revelations. As in the Greek tragedy, there is a unity of time, place and action: a journey, Burma, the presence of the Buddha. Burmese art is nourished by influences from neighboring countries, particularly India, China and Thailand.


If Jean-Christophe Ballot is passionate about the history of art, he does not seek in his work to restore this aspect, so there is no need to further document the region, the city and the temple where he was shot. He sensitively constructs a tribute to the Buddha.

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© Jean Christophe Ballot 

About the Artist


Jean-Christophe Ballot divides his time between photography and documentary films. DPLG architect, graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts, graduate of FEMIS and former resident of the Villa Medici, his works are in the collections of many museums: Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Louvre Museum, National Fund of contemporary art, Pompidou Center, European House of Photography, Carnavalet Museum, Petit Palais, Rodin Museum, National Library of France, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki Museum of Contemporary Art ...

All of his work is oriented on space: that of cities, with the urban landscape and architecture, that of ports, limited spaces, places of memory, spiritual places, that of natural landscapes and gardens, that of lapidary and archaeological sites … He searches for suspended time and claims a contemplative photo.

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