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marie pierre morel - Académies & Petits nus

Exhibition from July 1st to September 26, 2020

marie pierre morel had the desire to take a feminine look at the studio nude, both in the female and male form. The photographs taken by the writer Pierre Louÿs of his mistress Marie de Régnier in 1898 are the basis of the project. The mystery of these photographs gave birth to a film, Curiosa with Noémie Merlant and Niels Schneider. In this exhibition marie pierre morel shows the preparotary series of of nude photographic studies made for the film. The Académie series is a tribute to the classics of the genre: the studio model is regarded as a sculpture, the face disappears to not distract from the body, as the form is its own end. Inspired by the work of Pictorialism photographers such as Robert Demachy or Edward Steichen, marie pierre morel uses a photographic chamber. The photographer is interested in the decomposition of movement, and variations around the same theme. The proofs are numbered in limited edition and printed by the artist herself using a soft engraving technique, which gives them a skin-like quality thanks to the choice of the paper and the black ink work not obtained by a traditional photographic print. Also included in this exhibition are the images marie pierre morel calls Petits nus , which were taken during the tests made for Lou Jeunet with her actors. With the contemporary bodies of young actors, we find the poses made by models of the past, the masculine academic nudes, the female odalisques.

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in collaboration with

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© marie pierre morel courtesy galerie SIT DOWN

About the Artist

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marie pierre morel lives and works in Paris as an independent photographer, sharing her time between press and publishing.Along with this discipline, she creates personal work which she exposes regularly. MASSACRE, focusing on ancient statuary, a series still in progress, was started in 2000: the photo is embossed, as if tattooed with a word that appears and disappears under an arc of light. In 2001, she moved to New York City on the Queen Mary for a Motionless Journey and landed in New York eight days before September 11th. Using both video technology and pinhole archaism she mounted a self-directed exhibition at House 19 .

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