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Minnie Weisz – Seeing Stories, telling pictures

Exhibition from July 4th to September 24, 2016

‘The house is a nest for dreaming, a shell for imagining’. - Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space 

From a roof top look out in Arles at Galerie Huit Arles during an Artist Residency, inspired by the views across roman tiles to St.Trophime, a journey begins through the eye of a camera obscura; reflections of lands- capes past and present, views inverted in rooms in Arles and Croatia and further to England. With rolls of black paper, and a Hasselblad, Minnie Weisz works with a purist approach, with the fabric of each building she encounters; a raw lens from a pair of spectacles, she often places over a hole of light, bringing into focus exterior landscapes which seem to hover within each room between this world whilst keeping company with other worlds. Sometimes she creates installations of found objects and other times she documents the interior spaces. Each room, is witness to the shifting of time, to memories past and present. Meditations on space and connection, place and the passage of time, family and home. These rooms as witness, are recording vessels, chattering with imagery, past, present and future. 

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© Minnie Weiz, Courtesy : Galerie Huit Arles


About the Artist

Minnie Weisz studied MA Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art and BA Graphic and Media Design at The London College of Printing. Since 2006, she has been turning buildings inside out in the UK and across Europe. Minnie Weisz has worked on Cultural heritage commissions in London and Croatia, documenting London’s King’s Cross, where she recorded abandoned interiors of Victorian warehouses and hotels, to rooms derelict and domestic across the City to interior riverside rooms at The London Film Museum where she was artist in residence in 2013. Weisz turned the medieval Motovun City Gate Tower in Istria, Croatia into a camera obscura installation in 2014. Working with an analogue medium format Hasselblad and experimenting with various long exposure times, Minnie Weisz specialises in the method and medium of camera obscura, documentary photography and film poems.

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