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Vee Speers – Jardin Secret

Exhibition from July 3rd to September 23, 2017

Against the background of an utopian world that has come unhinged,the characters in Dystopia search for order in chaos, poised as masters of their own destiny. They are protagonists, fictional heroes emerging from a world that is twisted and frayed. The girl with the butterflies seems to metamorphose from an impossible bind, and the angelic Icarus with metal wings pauses before he plans his escape. A young man, Michelangelo’s dying slave, seems eternally trapped by an outside force, and a dishevelled young girl carries a lamb to safer grounds.

Inspired by dark tales and mythology, legends and operas, and referencing biblical quests, Speers questions the shattered freedom of the world we live in. From warriors caught in an imaginary battleground, to Narcissus, consumed until death by his own image, Speers paints over the shadows of historical references to unveil a world with new frontiers.

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About the Artist

Vee Speers, a Paris-based Australian artist, fell in love with photography at an early age, assisting her father in the darkroom, mesmerised by seeing his portraits appear like magic.

Following art school in Brisbane in the 80’s, Speers worked as a Stills Photographer at the ABC Television in Sydney. In 1990, a short stay in France became a permanent move to Paris, a place with ‘unlimited potential and endless creative inspiration’. By the end of the 90’s, Speers’ path was being forged as a photo artist, and since then she has been engaging viewers with the dramatic tension of her portraits and her unique pallet of colour.

Speers has exhibited in museums, galleries, festivals and International Art Fairs in London, Paris, Miami, NYC, Atlanta, China, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Luxembourg Athens and Arles, Speers’ portraits have been acquired by Sir Elton John Collection, Michael Wilson Collection, Hoffman Collection U.S., Carter Potash Collection, Morten Viskum Collection, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Museum 21C, KentuckyGeorge Eastman House, Hudson Bay Company Art Fund.

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